Today’s thing I made: Puddle.

Eye Exam.

Another Processing sketch.

Sketching in Processing.

I’ve been sketching in Processing lately.

Travel logs.

Notes from Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and New York. That’s more than enough travel for one month.

Capture Creatures

The people responsible for Tiny Kitten Teeth have started a project in which they create 151 Pokémon-like creatures over the next year.

GDC 2011: Art vs. Art.

It’s kind of surprising and depressing that people are still obsessing over the question of whether or not games are art — or rather, whether they’re ART. But one GDC session gave me hope that it’s possible to have a more interesting discussion about all this mess.

Old English Costumes

So here we have photos from the early 20th century recreating the style and dress of portraits from the early 18th. That might be too meta-retro even for me.

Spirit Quest Journey

For the record, I am okay with happy aliens going for a stroll on the moon. (via Cartoon Brew)

Signs of the Times: Being and Webcomics.

How do you make major philosophical movements of the last century relevant to the kids of today?