[Portrait of Josh Lee]

About Josh Lee

Josh Lee is a game designer and developer based in San Francisco. All he really wants is for you to be happy, and he’s made a career of helping you do that. You can read more about Josh’s professional life at <http://joshleejosh.com/>.

It would be nice to say that Josh spends too much time thinking about work, but in reality, he spends way too much time playing games, watching television, wandering around Web sites, and generally soaking in media old and new. To be fair, it does relate somewhat to his job. Sometimes. If you look at it from the right angle. And maybe squint.

As a rule, it’s safe to assume that Josh is available for hire or for conversation. If you would like to get in touch with him, you can email him at joshlee@semifat.net.

Josh is single. He is either a Leo or a Hare, depending on the kind of Zodiac you’re into. He usually comes out as a borderline INFP/INTP in Myers-Briggs tests. There is more to him than this.

About Semifat Sediment

This is Semifat Sediment. It is a weblog. For the most part, it chronicles Josh’s encounters with various forms of mass media and popular culture: video games, television, film, etc. It occasionally also features brief notes on happenings in Josh’s personal life so that he can maintain some diaristic street cred.

Semifat is the name of this site. It doesn’t have any meaning in particular; Josh liked the sound of the word, and the domain name was available. After registering it, he discovered that “semifat” describes cheeses that consist of between 20% and 40% fat. This was fine with him, as he enjoys cheese of both the edible and aesthetic varieties.

Sediment is another word that Josh just liked the sound of; it is especially consonant with “semifat,” which pleases him. He would like to be able to say that “sediment” is some sort of reference to the place of this weblog within the fragile-yet-enduring Internet ecosphere, but he can’t come up with anything that doesn’t sound insufferably pretentious.

Colophon, or, the part you don’t care about

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