• How to Save College | The Awl
    This vitiation of the diploma is Goodhart’s Law in action, where a socially useful metric becomes increasingly worthless, because the incentives pushing towards adulteration are larger than those pushing towards purity. This is not some bad thing that was done to us in the academy. We did this to ourselves, under the rubric of ordinary accreditation, at nonprofits and state schools.
  • Venture Capital's Massive, Terrible Idea For The Future Of College | The Awl
    MOOCs are an essentially authoritarian structure; a one-way process in which the student is a passive recipient required to do nothing except "learn." What he "learns" is only useful if it results in direct, measurable economic production. (Hence, for example, a degree in literature has an economic value of zero.) As a convenient by-product, the purveyors of this "education" can be "incentivized" by the profit motive. The invisible hand at work once again.