• Op-ed: Coming Out Will Be Rough on Gay Athletes | Advocate.com
    ‘So whether we’re ready or almost ready or a lifetime from being ready is irrelevant, because the world is never entirely prepared for social change. When our gay player comes out, there will be no parades, no plenary embrace, no pregame honors and no immediate gratification. Breaking down barriers is a painstaking, ugly slog that requires uncommon strength and faith that our best instincts will prevail. That’s why we call such an endeavor courageous. If coming out as a gay athlete during one’s playing career were easy, we’d call it something else.’
  • Antony "Ratt" Crowther | Dossier | The Gameological Society
    ‘One of the early legends of this bygone era was Antony “Ratt” Crowther, a wunderkind British programmer/artist/composer who became well-known for putting out quality games in a remarkably short amount of time…. Crowther began making games at the age of 16 and developed something of a cult following, leaving his mark in the annals of early video games.’