Links for December 10, 2012

Links for December 8, 2012

  • Voyage of the Starship Lexicon
    ‘A different kind of word game where players can concentrate on building the greatest words without worrying about playing the board instead of the word. Rotate the letters to make words in the center row and then tour the solar system to change the game feel with different letter distributions, powerups, special tiles, and more.’

Links for December 7, 2012

  • Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine – by Bing
    ‘I have always been a big fan of Calvin & Hobbes comics, and their author, Bill Watterson. Since discovering the complete script online, as well as a collection of every daily strip on another website, I knew I could make the two reference each other and therefore create a “Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine” for lack of a better name. So I set out to do it.’
  • Disconnect « The Bygone Bureau
    ‘There is nothing so worthy of an eye roll as someone using technology to be sincere, and yet on any given Saturday night there we are, a nation of us, checking in and tweeting our hearts out in hopes that someone will know where we are, and respond. It’s not technology that’s making us lonely. Most often, we just are lonely. What we do with technology is up to us.’

Flaar Amaris.

Flaar Amaris is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. It’s a musical graphical thingy in which you arrange flowers to make a pretty tune.

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