• ihobo: The Thin Play of Dear Esther
    ‘At its heart, Dear Esther isn’t just built with an FPS engine, it is built as an FPS. Players who have now racked up hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours in control of a disembodied gun-graphic forget that just moving around in these worlds in first person perspective is a skill that has to be learned…. Those who object to Dear Esther on victory or problem grounds should reflect that there are players for whom negotiating the entire island with this set of controls would be a significant challenge.’
  • Glitch, Fourth Wall, and Perplex City – Deus Ex Machinatio – Andrea Phillips
    ‘The reason that people go for venture funding in the first place is to get the money to build a bigger team and a bigger project than they could otherwise afford…. But I’m here to argue that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes a leaner company built on sweat and shoestrings is the better bet for the long haul. I think this is doubly true when the company in question has a creative output.’
  • Flaar Amaris
    Flaar Amaris is a musical graphical thingy for the iPhone and iPad. With pretty flowers.

    Tap to make flowers bloom. The flowers play musical notes. Drag to arrange the flowers. Don’t drop the beat.