‘Under tomorrows sky is a fictional, future city. Speculative architect Liam Young of the London based Tomorrows Thoughts Today has assembled a think tank of scientists, technologists, futurists, illustrators, science fiction authors and special effects artists to collectively develop this imaginary place, the landscapes that surround it and the stories it contains.’
  • Boring Conference: A dispatch from James Ward’s annual celebration of banality. – Slate Magazine
    ‘As banal as the individual topics were, the minuscule obscurity of the subjects people can find themselves interested in—and, more importantly, make interesting to others—emerged as the real theme. In fact, despite its tone of jocular irony, the implied message of the conference was actually a pretty earnest one: nothing is boring if you look at it in the right way.’
  • MoMA | Video Games: 14 in the Collection, for Starters
    MoMA seeds a video game collection with: Pac-Man (1980), Tetris (1984), Another World (1991), Myst (1993), SimCity 2000 (1994), vib-ribbon (1999), The Sims (2000), Katamari Damacy (2004), EVE Online (2003), Dwarf Fortress (2006), Portal (2007), flOw (2006), Passage (2008), Canabalt (2009).