• Understanding Tablet Use: A Multi-Method Exploration
    ‘This paper describes a multi-method research effort that employed written and video diaries, in-home interviews, and contextual inquiry observations to learn about tablet use across three locations in the US. Our research provides an in-depth picture of frequent tablet activities (e.g., checking emails, playing games, social networking), locations of use (e.g., couch, bed, table), and contextual factors (e.g., watching TV, eating, cooking).’
  • The Blue Pine Disaster, Part 3: What Will the Future Bring for BKP? Canadian Innovation FTW – Core77
    ‘Beetle Kill Pine can be processed into engineered wood products like cross-laminated timber and glu-lam beams, and as The Economist pointed out earlier this year, “Buildings made with CLT use six times as much wood as those made with conventional framing techniques, but given the material’s abundance that might be seen as a virtue.”‘