• Apple’s Favorite Strategy Game Is a Financial Disaster | Game|Life | Wired.com
    ‘“You can’t get more visible than that at launch,” says Adam Stewart, the artist and lead designer on Outwitters. Stewart says the two-man crew spent a year and a half and over $300,000 to make Outwitters. Apple’s promotions caused 560,000 players to download it. It’s also a critical smash. There’s just one problem. Even after all that attention, Outwitters has been a total financial disaster. It’s only made about $40,000.’
  • Gamasutra – Features – The Sound Design of Journey
    ‘Most of the sound recording was done with a stereo shotgun microphone, and most sounds in the world are stereo despite emitting from single points in space (the two channels emitting at a specified angle). One could argue that’s excessive, but to me, it often sounds richer and can give it a light “3D-plus” quality.’
  • Generative Machines