Back to your regularly scheduled madness.

A while back, I plugged my Tumblr, Mlkshk, and Flickr feeds into the blog, to see if it would make the blog feel any more interesting. Mostly what it did was make me want to post less to all those sites for fear of congesting this one.

Links for September 10, 2012

Links for September 9, 2012

  • 3D printing records for a Fisher Price toy record player
    ‘I recently stumbled across and old toy record player made by Fisher Price in the 1970s. I’m sure many of you will recognise this iconic toy and some of the older Instructables visitors may well have had one. As with many 40-year old toys, it was in a bit of a sad state and a couple of the records had been lost. Technology has moved on since it was manufactured and making some new records for it seemed like a nice way to merge old technology and new.’

Links for September 6, 2012

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Links for September 4, 2012

  • Hirschfeld on Disney | Flickr – Photo Sharing!
    ‘Snow White with her full complement of fingers and fingernails, eyelashes, one dimensional head, bare arms without solidity and uninventive neck is an anatomic automaton…. The striving for effect in Snow White is an unhealthy one. In Disney’s less ambitious works there is unity of figures and background. But now he is working back toward realistic photography.’
  • iPlayer for Kindle | Frisnit Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.
    ‘I’ve designed a system to automatically convert a terrestrial digital TV transmission… to a sequence of static images annotated with the subtitles from the stream that convey the story as a kind of comic strip format. This can be viewed as HTML or PDF, so expanding the number of devices the content can be viewed on.’

Links for September 1, 2012