• Ask a Korean!: The Obligatory Gangnam Style Post
    ‘While the Korean is quite happy that PSY’s music is receiving international attention, he cannot believe the ridiculousness of the commentary surrounding this piece. In fact, reading the commentary regarding Gangnam Style was a good way of finding out who knows what he was talking about, and who is simply full of shit.’
  • Bawl so hard: Welcome to the Biggest LAN Video Gaming Party in North America – SBNation.com
    ‘The next morning the room was full of similarly bleary-eyed, disheveled, computer-toting young people. There were two lines: the one Chris and his friends were in — which was first-come-first-serve — and the Reserved line, for people who’d paid the extra $50 ahead of time. By lunchtime, both lines twisted back through the winding, Kubrickian hotel hallways and nobody seemed to be moving.’