• Image Atlas
    ‘Image Atlas investigates cultural differences and similarities by indexing top image results for given search terms across local engines throughout the world. Visitors can refine or expand their comparisons from the 57 countries currently available, and sort by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or alphabetical order.’
  • Gaming Made Me: Jean Grae | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    “I looked at Complex Magazine, and the headline was, ‘South African Nerd Rapper’. I wrote back to them and said, ‘That has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen all day! What now makes me a nerd rapper? Are you serious?’ And then I was like, I guess it’s not “femcee” so… fuck it!”
  • A List Apart: Articles: Testing Websites in Game Console Browsers
    ‘Today’s three main consoles (Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3, and Nintendo’s Wii) all have internet capabilities….
    Add in a vast array of handheld consoles with browsers—like Sony’s PSPs and Nintendo’s DS line—and we have 15 years of internet-enabled gaming devices of all sizes and shapes. Yet to date, we’ve talked about game console browsers very little.’
  • Google Europe Blog: For Sale: Alan Turing’s Monopoly
    ‘As a bonus, the set also includes a parchment replica of the hand-drawn Monopoly board on which Alan played against William Newman, the young son of his mathematical mentor Max — and unexpectedly lost.’