“Embers,” TDA. 1K demo for Assembly 2012. via…

“Embers,” TDA. 1K demo for Assembly 2012.

via Creative Applications.

Links for August 17, 2012

Peter Andrew

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Your mlkshk moment of zen


Links for August 15, 2012

  • Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 2
    Oh, y’know, just a panoramic photo taken from the surface of Mars. NBD.
  • Git Cheatsheet
  • Partners In Arms | For Our Consideration | The Gameological Society
    ‘EA takes the realism factor further by allowing players to test out a photorealistic replica of, for example, the TAC-300 sniper rifle. Like the way the gun drops terrorists or racks up headshots in multiplayer? Feel free to visit Warfighter’s official website and click on a sponsored link that will take you to McMillan, the manufacturer of the gun.’
  • Terms of Service; Didn’t Read
    ‘Aims at creating a transparent and peer-reviewed process to rate and analyse Terms of Service and Privacy Policies in order to create a rating from Class A to Class E.’

walking on water, u mad?

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Links for August 9, 2012

  • Popcap: the 10 secrets of casual game design | Technology | guardian.co.uk
    “One of the metaphors that I use a lot is, imagine game design as a face to face conversation – if we’re talking and money comes up in our conversation, I can either be a friendly presence, asking for money in exchange for great value, or I can be smiling at you and conning you out of the cash.”
  • Shed Design create gender-neutral toy department at Harrods
    ‘The London department store commissioned the multi-million pound Toy Kingdom to be grouped by theme rather than gender, with new zones including an enchanted forest, a miniature toy world, a circus big top and a sweet shop.’

Links for August 8, 2012

  • Hysteria Turns 25 – Stereogum
    ‘The Human League’s Phil Oakey, a friend of Leppard’s, once said that Hysteria was basically a Human League record, except that Leppard had a producer who knew enough to make the guitars sound heavy enough that it wouldn’t scare off the synthpop-averse.’

Chevron refinery fire, Richmond CA


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