• A List Apart: Articles: Usable yet Useless: Why Every Business Needs Product Discovery
    ‘We’ve long accepted that for a product to be useful, it needs to have acceptable levels of both utility (“whether it provides the features you need”) and usability (“how easy & pleasant these features are to use”). Yet far too often, we seem to ignore the former in favor of the latter, ending up with lots of easy and pleasant applications that have no reason to exist.’
  • How White Is The New Internet?
    ‘White males make up 81 percent of the users at Svbtle, 88 percent of users at App.net, and 61 percent of users at Medium.’
  • Lessons Learned Designing Windows 8 Apps – UX Booth | UX Booth
    ‘The wide scope and deep hierarchy of Rhapsody’s app conflicted with the 3-tiered navigation dictated by Microsoft. In addition, we needed to reconcile the interaction patterns that Rhapsody users are familiar with––such as a persistent player and queue––with Windows 8’s chrome-less design.’