Links for August 30, 2012

  • A List Apart: Articles: Usable yet Useless: Why Every Business Needs Product Discovery
    ‘We’ve long accepted that for a product to be useful, it needs to have acceptable levels of both utility (“whether it provides the features you need”) and usability (“how easy & pleasant these features are to use”). Yet far too often, we seem to ignore the former in favor of the latter, ending up with lots of easy and pleasant applications that have no reason to exist.’
  • How White Is The New Internet?
    ‘White males make up 81 percent of the users at Svbtle, 88 percent of users at, and 61 percent of users at Medium.’
  • Lessons Learned Designing Windows 8 Apps – UX Booth | UX Booth
    ‘The wide scope and deep hierarchy of Rhapsody’s app conflicted with the 3-tiered navigation dictated by Microsoft. In addition, we needed to reconcile the interaction patterns that Rhapsody users are familiar with––such as a persistent player and queue––with Windows 8’s chrome-less design.’

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Links for August 25, 2012

  • VoodooPad from Flying Meat
  • Notational Velocity
    ‘The same area is used both for creating notes and searching. I.e., in the process of entering the title for a new note, related notes appear below, letting users file information there if they choose. Likewise, if a search reveals nothing, one need simply press return to create a note with the appropriate title.’

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Links for August 22, 2012

  • The rise and rise of ‘second screening’ – News release | Deloitte UK
    ‘Nearly a quarter of all respondents (24%) use second screens. The most active second screening takes place among young people, nearly half of all 16-24 year olds use communication tools such as messaging, email, Facebook, or Twitter to discuss what they are watching on TV*. The vast majority of over 55s (79%) never talk about what they’re watching on TV on the internet.’
  • Gameconfs
    Holy cats there are a lot of these nowadays.
  • The Ugly-Beauty Of Brutalism | The Awl
    ‘I know plenty of educated people for whom “Brutalism” is simply shorthand for any recent architecture that they happen to dislike. Here “Brutalism” fulfills the same role as “jam bands” as a shorthand category for sweeping disdain.’
  • n+1: The Other Modernism
    ‘From some angles, the building looks like a cement spaceship perched on more firmly terrestrial landing pads. From others, it looks like a ruin almost Roman in its complexity, with a thousand cutouts and panels and skylights and landings and lines that speak both to its designers’ anxious virtuosity and their desire to produce something timeless.’

Links for August 21, 2012

Links for August 19, 2012

  • Mighty Vision: VESPER.5
    A game in which you make one move per day.
  • n+1: Pussy Riot Closing Statements
    “Passion, total honesty, and naïveté are superior to the hypocrisy, mendacity, and false modesty that are used to disguise crime. The so-called leading figures of our state stand in the Cathedral with righteous faces on, but, in their cunning, their sin is greater than our own.”

Maria Freire


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