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  • AIDS Memorial Quilt
  • The Wisdom of Not Being Too Rational – ScienceNOW
    ‘Cheke and her colleagues conclude that this suggests a fundamentally different learning process between the birds and the children. Whereas the birds were put off by a seemingly physically impossible setup and couldn’t learn the third task, children weren’t stymied by the apparent impossibility of the task, but forged ahead… even if it wasn’t obvious how it was happening or the solution didn’t seem to make intuitive sense.’

Diem Chau

Pencil tip sculpture.…




“Surfer” AMV BBDO for Guinness, 1999 Dir. Jonathan…


AMV BBDO for Guinness, 1999

Dir. Jonathan Glazer.

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  • BBC News – Meet the ‘bots’ that edit Wikipedia
    ‘The bots perform a wide range of editorial and administrative tasks that are tedious, repetitive and time-consuming but vital. They delete vandalism and foul language, organise and catalogue entries, and handle the reams of behind-the-scenes work that keep the encyclopaedia running smoothly and efficiently and keep its appearance neat and uniform in style.’

Ian Hobson

"Hobson’s complex spectacles of light combine waves, streaks, and swirls to form an image filled with trippy patterns of color. The trick to this work is the use of very long exposures to capture the variety of light streaks that he places in front of the lens."


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  • This Exquisite Forest
    ‘Lets users create short animations that build off one another as they explore a specific theme. The result is a collection of branching narratives resembling trees.’