I’ve been keeping backups of my Twitter posts for a while now — after more than five years, I’ve built up a decent amount of babble, and some of the things I’ve posted are things I’d like to remember. (I’d also like to forget some of the things I’ve posted, but that’s a lot easier.) In fact, I’ve been using Twitter for long enough that I’m pretty sure I repeat myself on a regular basis without realizing it.

In the interest of boosting my memory and not junking the internet up with the same observation made over and over again, I built a dumb little tool to mine my own tweet data: Josh’s Twitter Index.

[Twindex Screenshot]

I probably won’t stop tweeting about burritos any time soon, because burritos are always important. But hopefully, being able to see all the times I’ve previously posted about a topic will at least help me to avoid some other, more tired subjects.