• Jerry Saltz on Dorothea Tanning, 1910–2012 — Vulture
    Dorothea Tanning died today at 101, and pieces of history die with her. Artist, poet, wife of Max Ernst from 1946 until he died in 1976, and one of a group of great women Surrealists, she was at the center of a movement that was a vicious mill for women. Among the surrealists, females — while “allowed” to be artists — were often also relegated to the sidelines of neglected or beset mistresses, muses, and madwomen.
  • IxDA Interaction12 Preview: State of Interaction Design: Diverging, by David Malouf – Core77
    Our challenge is not necessarily to re-converge but to figure out how to interweave—respecting the contexts that have reinforced this separation and learning how to collaborate and cooperate when the opportunity presents itself.
  • What is a UX Developer and are they really a thing? | disambiguity
    A UX Developer is all of that – a front end developer with a sensitivity and talent for crafting a UI that is going to be better to use – but in addition to that they have a declared interest in understanding more about the User Experience work that goes ahead of the UI design.