It’s 2012! Another new year means another opportunity to clean up the mess that the previous year left behind. And 2011 seemed like a particularly sloppy year for some reason. Since I went 0-for-5 on last year’s resolutions, I thought that this might be a make-up year, but instead of a list of errands, I’m going to refocus on the important things:

Take care of myself. I described 2011 as a “giving up sort of year:” I worked too much, ate poorly, sat around my messy apartment, and lost touch with friends. All that needs to change. This is one of those big, vague resolutions that’s kind of impossible to get a handle on, but my senses of balance — physical, emotional, environmental, even financial — are so out of whack these days that I think I need to engage in some kind of omnibus rut-busting effort.

Get back on the Internet. I’m now on year three of complaining that I hardly post to this blog anymore, which is lame. Mlkshk, Pinterest, Tumblr, and the rest are nice, but posting images is only mildly satisfying. People have actually complained that I don’t tweet enough. And let’s not talk about the wasteland that is my Facebook account. It’s time to get back on track with my ultimate goal in life: to be the #1 hit when you search for “Josh Lee” on Google.

Find a replacement for “awesome.” It’s not that “awesome” isn’t an awesome word, but I think it may be reaching its sell-by date. I’ve already been upping my dosage of “sweet” and “rad,” and will start testing out “gnarly,” “bitchin’,” “kickass” (unhyphenated), and whatever else I can come up with.

No “the world ends in 2012″ jokes. Have you looked at the economy lately? The Mayans might have been right after all. (Rimshot) (That’ll be the only one.)

Here’s to 2012, a year in which things will happen!