I started using Reeder on my Mac some time after the Great Google Uglification made Google Reader’s web UI a saddening experience. Reeder is much nicer, but I’ve noticed that since I started using it, I regularly fall way behind on my feeds.

Reeder has a very nice interface for reading articles, with a flow that leads you smoothly from one to the next. What its layout isn’t quite as good at, though, is allowing you to glance at a few dozen headlines all at once and conclude that the New York Times is full of nothing but bad news today.

If you’re the kind of person who oversubscribes to the Internet, you develop an ability to know when to read, when to skim, and when to mark all as read. Reeder is wonderful for the first two, but when my unread count gets above 1000, I find myself jumping back into Google Reader to do the culling.

So Reeder is better for reading the news, but Reader (in compact view, natch) is better for not reading the news. Go figure.