I did some math, and the last time I took a vacation that was anything more than just visiting family in Portland was three and a half years ago. And know that I think of it, half of that trip was family time as well, which means I haven’t gone a proper vacation since before the long-term staycation that was my freelancing years. It’s no wonder I’ve been feeling desperate for a break from the usual rhythm of work, weekend, and working on the weekend.

How do I know it’s been too long since I traveled? I had people on both sides of the Atlantic remark on how unused my passport is. Okay, world, I can take a hint.

So now I’m in Dublin, fighting jetlag and power outlets, and gearing up for a day of exploration. I’ve cut myself off from my work email and my all-burrito diet, exchanging them for a new city to explore and new accents to decipher. The most critical decision I’m going to make this week is whether I want to have a pint with lunch. I think this is going to be a good week.