• Study: Indian, Vietnamese immigrants become ‘American’ over time through civic activities | Science Codex
    ‘Brettell and Reed-Danahay uncovered how North Texas Vietnamese and Indian immigrants develop their identity as Americans by engaging first within their own communities, where they practice and develop citizenship skills, which they then use in a broader American context.’
  • A List Apart: Articles: What I Learned About the Web in 2011
    “With frequent, silent browser updates quickly becoming the norm, and with browsers popping up on more and more devices, designers and developers must relinquish the idea that we finely control a userě°˝€™s experience and instead must work to ensure that a site will gracefully adapt to any number of circumstances.” ě°˝€“Kimberly Blessing
  • The Power of Jane Jacobs’ "Web Way of Thinking" | Planetizen
    ‘She was the first to apply a dawning new human understanding of the natural world to cities ě°˝€“ an understanding that even now is slow to be grasped by built environment professions. It’s an understanding of “organized complexity,” as she called it ě°˝€“ the dynamic inter-relationships of systems, of processes, of self-organization.’