2010 was a great year for a few of my resolutions. I’ve been able to explore some areas of game design that I’ve been wanting to dig into for a long time, and better yet, I’ve been able to do it at work, which is the best.

I also checked off a long-term resolution that’s been running in the background for a while: paying off my credit cards. Not having to send my spare pennies to the banks means I can start saving those pennies for all those one-of-these-days things like proper vacations and non-lame furniture.

Overall, though, I did a pretty poor job of resoluting in 2010. That won’t stop me from trying again, though! Here’s what I’m going to fret about getting done this year:

Go see the doctor. I’m one of those idiots who pays for health insurance but never uses it. I’ve been putting off a checkup for the last… decade… or so, because I know the doctor is just going to scold me and tell me how much my liver hates me. But my liver’s grudges are totally justified! I need to just suck it up and go get scolded.

Do what they say. You know and I know that the doctor is going to tell me to eat less junk and get more exercise. It’s what they say. But maybe if a professional says it, I’ll actually do it.

Do something other than work. The combination of congenital workaholism, work that I’m really excited about, and the unending overload of startup livin’ adds up to a pretty crappy work-play balance. I need to do something about that, and find a hobby that involves something other than games. Maybe serial brunching.

Make music. I’ve got a backlog of little musical projects I want to work on — crazy iPhone synths that I’ve downloaded but not touched, some tunes rattling around in the back of my head, etc. There’s no reason not to play around with all that.

Write more. This is a holdover from last year, but seriously, this blog gets so sad when I only post once a season.

Anyway, it’s 2011! Only one year until the apocalypse. Let’s all make the most of it.