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  • 'As they added new features, their conversations with users had changed – they became more narrowly focused on new features and whether each individual change was usable and useful. Somewhere along the way, they'd stopped observing the entire user experience, from end to end. This didn't last very long – maybe a month or two, but it was long enough to cause problems.'
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  • 'unrest in Egypt — fueled by frustrations over government corruption, economic stagnation and a decided lack of political freedom — came after weeks of turmoil across the Arab world that toppled one leader in Tunisia and encouraged protesters to overcome deep-rooted fears of their autocratic leaders and take to the streets.'
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  • 'MoMA has just acquired 23 digital typefaces for its Architecture and Design Collection. Some are of everyday use, like Verdana; others are familiar characters in our world, like Gotham, which was used in President Obama’s election campaign, or OCR-A, which we can find at the bottom of any product’s bar code; and others are still less common, but exquisitely resonant, like Walker or Template Gothic.'

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