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  • 'The baby seems to act like a heart-softening magnet. No one fully understands why…. “Do kids become more empathic and understanding? Do they become less aggressive and kinder to each other? The answer is yes and yes,” she explained. “The question is why.”'

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  • 'Justice Elena Kagan, the court’s newest and youngest member, seemed to be the only justice with even a passing familiarity with the genre under review, even if it was secondhand.
    “You think Mortal Kombat is prohibited by this statute?” she asked Mr. Morazzini. It is, she added, “an iconic game which I am sure half the clerks who work for us spent considerable time in their adolescence playing.”'

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No need to fear the beard.

I tried to keep a little bit of distance from all the Giants mania going around town, just because I don’t like being one of those people who jumps onto bandwagons late in the season. But the bandwagon rolled fast and loose, and it was hard not to get swept up in the excitement.