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  • 'Since first appearing last year, their protests have been directed at not only Japan’s half million ethnic Koreans, but also Chinese and other Asian workers, Christian churchgoers and even Westerners in Halloween costumes…. Mr. Sakurai says the group is not racist, and rejected the comparison with neo-Nazis. Instead, he said he had modeled his group after another overseas political movement, the Tea Party in the United States.'
  • 'A listener asked Diaz about the science fiction references in Oscar Wao. Diaz said he'd been pilloried in the mainstream nerd press (only sort of an oxymoron) in a way that smacked of racism. He then made a point about scifi that doesn't get made often enough: If it wasn't for people of color's experiences and women's experiences, the genre wouldn't exist.'

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  • 'This tension between backstage machination and onstage performance is precisely what Portal depicts so perfectly – and, no small detail, so interactively. Goffman would have found a perfect test subject in GLaDOS. Bingo! Assign students Goffman's Presentation of Self and follow it up with a collective playthrough of Portal.'

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  • 'My stance, then and now, is that the question of “Who is Indie?” is utterly useless. And as a game developer, “useless” is one of the dirtiest words I can think of.'

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  • 'In Tuesday’s statement, Mr. Kan offered to return historical documents and other cultural artifacts taken from the Korean Peninsula during Japan’s 1910-45 rule. He said he wanted to address the past to build a more forward-looking relationship with South Korea, a country with which Japan enjoys extensive trade, cultural and political ties and whose music and television programs it avidly consumes.'

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