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  • 'The plentiful pop cultural references and anything-for-a-laugh attitude of “Airplane!” recalled early films by Mel Brooks (“Blazing Saddles”) and Woody Allen (“Bananas”). But its velocity and density were new…. The film proudly served up jokes so astoundingly corny that they somehow managed to circle around the bend and become hilarious. (“Surely you can’t be serious.” “I am serious — and don’t call me Shirley!”) At the same time “Airplane!” wasn’t just a collection of bits. '
  • 'That's the kind of measured theoretical problem which we need to resolve with multiplayer Tetris. So, if we lower the intensity of personal game playing, we, a little bit, lower the excitement of the game. But if we keep it at the same level, the players don't have resources to really do some kind of multiplayer actions, to observe, to analyze what's going on in the big picture, and adjust their strategy.'

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  • 'Finally, in the last few minutes of the video, Gaga appears to reprise Madonna’s drag, and yet her version is less straight-guys-will-think-this-is-hot and more ambiguous. Specifically, Gaga dispenses with Madonna’s lacy REMEMBER-I’M-A-LADY bra and instead wears a buttoned-up black vest and pants. While Madonna’s baggy suit looks calculatedly as though she is wearing her man’s clothes for a lark, Gaga’s drag ensemble actually fits her. Let’s look at that sentence again, shall we? Gaga’s drag fits her. Because in the end, it’s all drag for Gaga, isn’t it?'

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