I haven’t done one of these in a while: here’s a little bit of improv that I just did on my Nintendo DS, using the Korg DS-10+:

March Noodle (mp3, 1:32, 2.1MB)

I don’t have a DSi yet, so I haven’t had a chance to make use of the extra power that you get with that machinery. It’s still fun, though, to see how much you can get out of two voices and a drum machine. And it’s also fun to poop out a song in less than an hour — I think it took me longer to record the song than it did to write it (I really need some newer, less janky audio cables).

Quick improvs (or sketches, or blog posts) are good for you, and you don’t need to block out a lot of time or energy to do them. And with stuff like the DS (or the iPhone, with its dozens of neat little music-making apps), the barrier for making music gets lower and lower all the time. You just need the occasional urge to noodle.

Bonus track: Here’s the music from the quick game improv I did a couple of months ago. I think I like the song better than the game:

Shoffle Roffle (mp3, 1:12, 996KB)