Looking back at last year’s resolutions, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that I managed a 50% success rate, for which my hair and fingernails are very grateful. Unfortunately, I still don’t have a couch, which after two years in this apartment moves me well out of the “not completely moved in yet” zone and firmly into “weirdo living conditions” territory.

Even more unfortunately, 2009 was a really bad year in terms of being stuck inside my own head. I can blame the long commutes spent wearing headphones on trains, the (relatively mild) financial stress that limited my ability to be a bar-hopping party hound, or a general lack of effort on my part, but whatever the reasons, it was a year where I spent too much time thinkin’ and not enough time doin’.

So here are some resolutions for 2010:

  • Go out and explore the city more. I love my neighborhood and could happily spend the rest of my life going for walks in Golden Gate Park and eating super chile verde burritos from Gordo, but I hear that the rest of San Francisco is also pretty nice, and I should check it out.
  • Write more, whether it’s on this site or elsewhere. If I’m going to suffer from congenital introspectiveness, then I should at least have something to show for it.
  • Make more games for my own amusement. This is kind of an extension of my mid-year resolution to clear out the backlog of little ideas I have filling my notebooks. I’ve been sidetracked by second system syndrome (not to mention my actual day job), but a new year is a new chance to kick myself out of overengineered rabbit holes and actually ship something.
  • Seriously, a couch. Or maybe a nice easy chair. Something other than pillows to sit on while I watch TV, anyway.

2010 means it’s a new decade, and a new decade is like a big karmic reset — and this one comes without the millennial angst that 2000 was weighed down with. So while it’s too general to count as a proper resolution, I plan on making the most of the big decennial reset button and get with the doin’.