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It’s not necessarily a question of how hard a game is; it’s often more about how forgiving or unforgiving it is. VVVVVV is crazy difficult in places, but it’s also extremely generous.

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  • A game to teach users to deal with Office '07's horrible toolbar: 'If you start with the idea that users are learning machines, all our observations about usability tests snap into place. Of course, people stumble when they use an application for the first time. They don’t understand the interface because it is new to them. And users will stay at that inexperienced level if we do not make an attempt to teach them how to improve.'

Shoffle Roffle

I got a sudden urge to prove that I could make a game from scratch in just one weekend. Here’s the result: Shoffle Roffle. Conclusion? It is very possible to make a game in under two days. Making a good game, on the other hand, probably requires a little more time.

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  • 'If we're building a public stage, we need to give people the ability to protect themselves, the ability to face the consequences honestly. We cannot hide behind rhetoric of how everyone is public just because everyone we know in our privileged circles is walking confidently into the public sphere and assuming no risk.'
  • 'if aggressive self-promotion and pompous self-aggrandizement is what gets people ahead in the world, then at the individual level, it's better to perform in that kind of way than it is to sit passively and watch yourself get passed over by more clumsy, venal, smug, aggressive, macho idiots. But at the level of the company, at the level of the community, at the level of the industry – are these attributes in fact in any way desirable? Does self-promotion really lead to great products or projects? Is the ability to lie and mislead really what it takes to achieve?'

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