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  • Finalists in a contest to imagine a better suburb include: community gardens in medians; zeppelins as mass transit; big-box stores transformed into housing units or biofuel plants; and the easiest (and least likely) one, simply relaxing zoning laws to allow more commercial space in residential neighborhoods.

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Circuit Drop: Second thoughts.

Here are some vaguely postmortemy notes on the game, mostly for my own reference.

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  • 'Studying how nonscientists order and name life, creating what are called folk taxonomies, anthropologists began to realize that when people across the globe were creating ordered groups and giving names to what lived around them, they followed highly stereotyped patterns, appearing unconsciously to follow a set of unwritten rules.'

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Circuit Drop.

This is one of those projects that started out as a simple exercise and then drew itself out for way too long.

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