Remember a while back, when I complained that there aren’t enough games that play with the text of your Twitter stream? Well, I figured I should do something about that. So here’s something: Twagnetic Poetry.

Twagnetic Poetry munges the text of a person’s Twitter posts and scrambles it into “magnetic” poetry, which you can shuffle and rearrange as if your browser were a refrigerator door. You can use it to take your most banal tweets and turn them into something more exciting, or to take your friends’ tweets way out of context and use their own words against them.

[Screenshot of twagnetic poetry.]
few windows for the saint / what seems like easy plans / will still involve foul doubt

Since Twagnetic Poetry uses your Twitter text as its source, it’s only natural that it allow you to post your poems back into Twitter, forming an endless cycle of gobbledygook that will surely collapse into a black hole of disconnected words. When we are all sucked, screaming, into a vortex of haiku, I’m sure I’ll regret having made this.

[A twagnetic poem posted to Twitter.]
A poem posted to Twitter.

Anyway, it’s all still pretty rough and probably full of bugs, so if you run into any problems, please give me a holler. If it actually works for you, great! Enjoy.