I’ve done a lot of foolish things with this site over the years, but saying to myself, “Self, Movable Type has gotten kind of old and crufty. Let’s switch the entire site over to WordPress!” has got to be one of the foolishiest. I still haven’t fixed all the bugs from the last time I changed blog engines, and that was six years ago. Undaunted by things like sanity, though, I spent the weekend banging on templates and hacking conversion scripts to transfer more than 1100 entries from one database over to the other.

The worst part wasn’t even all the tweaking of PHP code to get things running, or having to learn a whole new template language. No, the worst part was having to generate redirects from the old permalink formats (yes, formats; this is not only the third engine, it’s the third permalinking scheme my poor weblog has had to live with), so that Googlebot wouldn’t pitch a fit at a thousand broken URLs. I had to do things I’m not proud of to get it all working… things I’d rather not go into too many details about. Let’s just say that it involved Vim commands like normal 0D1G/html<CR>$
and leave it at that. The lengths I go to in order to maintain continuity in a weblog that has something like a dozen readers are pretty ridiculous.

Anyway, if you can see this post, then the site is at least nominally working. I’m sure I’ll be cleaning up bugs in the layout and archives for some time, so please do let me know if you run into any glitches.

And please, people — the next time I decide to do something ridiculous like this, hit me upside the head until I learn to just start a new site and let old posts lie.

[screenshot of Semifat Sediment v9.0]
Oh yeah, I redesigned the site again while I was at it.