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Pressing words.

I’ve done a lot of foolish things with this site over the years, but saying to myself, “Self, Movable Type has gotten kind of old and crufty. Let’s switch the entire site over to Wordpress!” has got to be one of the foolishiest.

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  • 'Google's headcount just passed roughly 20,000 employees. And most of those staff members are firmly convinced that evil, or at least incompetence, is firmly the trait of the last generation's dominant tech player: Microsoft…. Google's avoided having to confront the parallels between this moment in their corporate culture and Microsoft's similar moment of ascendancy 15 years ago.'
  • 'GLAAD’s project has an established set of goals to address these concerns. To get companies to provide safe spaces for LGBT people in these virtual communities (which includes virtual worlds, online games, social networks, message boards, etc). To work with each of the companies to ensure they have solid policies in place that prevent anti-LGBT defamation where possible and mechanisms to report the defamation when it does occur. And what will be the most challenging in my eyes – to educate the user base about the real impact of their virtual homophobia.'

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