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Plants vs. Zombies and GemCraft Chapter 0.

Tower defense games aren’t the sort of game that’s going to change the world and usher in a new age of interactive art and beauty; they are uncut, repetitive, lower-brain fun of the worst variety, in the pernicious tradition of Minesweeper, Solitare, Bejeweled, and their ilk. Good times!

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  • AS3 framework for making 2D platformers.
  • 'Analyzes your recent Twitter favorites and tells you who you favorite the most.'
  • 'Izea, formerly called Pay Per Post, is readying a Twitter ad platform called Sponsored Tweets that will offer Twitter users the option of sending their followers messages about brands and products. Twitterers will get paid based either on the number of clicks they receive or on a flat fee per Tweet.'

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