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  • 'His comedy doesn’t rely on irony. His is the comedy of Hawaiin shirts and funny last names. He plays accordion. He has funny hair. He is, in short, uncool. Ironically though, it’s his very uncoolness which I think contributes to his growing street cred.'
  • 'At Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa., the women’s swim team held a “virtual swim meet” with Bryn Mawr College, in Pennsylvania, about 112 miles away. Each team swam in its home pool, then compared times to determine the winners. (“We probably saved $900 on bus travel,” said William G. Durden, Dickinson’s president.) '

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  • 'The new lead, realizing what dire straits the game was in… implemented a really cool cinematic camera object…. All it did was show off what *was* working in the game…. One of the execs threw out a tough question, designed to show how far over budget we were. Tom put down the joystick, and hit the `cool cam' button. Then he turned around to answer the question. While he was answering the question, every eye in the room was on the screen as one amazing scene showed after another.'

Slow games: Flower Garden.

There’s very little negative feedback if you don’t play perfectly; flowers wilt if you under- or over-water them, but they never die, and it only takes a single successful watering to get them back to a bright and happy state.

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