I’ve had a surprisingly busy weekend (by my own standards, at least), but somewhere along the way, I found time to finally do something with joshleejosh.com, which I had registered a while back and completely forgotten to do anything with. It’s basically just a list of links to my other online presences — this blog, Twitter, FB, etc. — but with a little bit of gratuitous indirection and Javascript thrown in.

At last, the quest to wrest control of my name from all those dead senators, financial analysts, and random college students begins! Today, a game of ego-Concentration, tomorrow the top of Google.

Anyway, if you could all poke at the page for a minute and let me know if you see any bugs (besides the ugly, I-obviously-drew-them-in-five-minutes graphics, which I’ll fix sometime soon), I’d appreciate it — especially if you’re running any version of IE/Win. JQuery is supposed to be nice and cross-platform, but it was so easy to work with that my paranoia makes me think it must be broken somehow.