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  • 'Kutcher and other parties like EA have been pulling out all the stops to help his account gain followers as quickly as possible to hit the number. Clearly, this is a game — and really, gaining followers on Twitter, for most people, is a game. Which raises the question: Should Twitter just remove the follower counts?'
  • "Anyone that has ever experienced degradation or intolerance would understand the solemn duty and how important it actually is. Anyone that’s ever experienced antisemitism or racism, any New Yorker who is an immigrant, who has experienced discrimination, any woman who has faced harassment at work or suffered violence at home, any disabled person who has been mocked or marginalized, understands what we’re talking about here."

GDC 2009: Bogost, Daglow.

Two different perspectives on perspectives in games.

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GDC 2009: Experimental Gameplay Sessions, Lazzaro.

The miracle of those games is how natural the mechanics seem once you recover from the initial shock.

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