At this year’s GDC Game Studies Download, the presenters tried something a little different. They still presented their top ten list of academic studies that those of us on the practice side of things might find useful. This year, though, they let the audience determine the actual one-to-ten rankings of the studies in real time, by sending e-mails, texts, or tweets during the session. The audience was also encouraged to submit games that they thought could be improved by application of the studies. It was all good fun, but typing out messages and struggling with wonky connectivity made it a little hard to pay as much attention or take as many notes as I would have liked.

Luckily, we live in an age in which it’s easy to share information without having to wait for conference proceedings or recordings. So instead of a bunch of sloppy notes, here’s the actual scoop from the session:

For what it’s worth, my pick for the win was the Tosca/Klastrup study on fashion and appearance in WoW.