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  • 'Transit officials were especially heartened that Americans continued to turn to public transportation in the last quarter of the year, even after gas prices dropped…. systems that raised fares last year, including those in Houston and Cincinnati, lost riders, which could be an ominous sign for the many systems that are raising fares and cutting service this year.'
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Sick day video #2: THRU YOU.

Most cut-and-paste music is built out of short samples and loops, and there’s plenty of that here, but there are also many long lines and melodies that are preserved and woven together, solos becoming duets, single notes becoming chords.

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Sick day video #1: Elizabeth Gilbert at TED.

It can be hard to remember that the whole life-as-narrative-biography thing exists only in our heads, and that reifying it dooms us to living out a story that no one has written, despite not liking the way it ends.

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