I’ve been working at Trion for a couple of weeks now, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Unfortunately, the office is in Redwood Shores, and since I’m too stubborn to move or get a car, I’ve now officially joined the ranks of the Extreme Commuters. Luckily, I take trains the whole way, which means that the time spent qualifies as Me Time, so hopefully I won’t freak out about the daily trip quite as badly as I did when I was cooped up in someone else’s car.

The big downside to working on the Peninsula isn’t the commute so much as the lack of food options. There’s a cafĂ© in the building, and a few other fast-food places a few blocks away, but all in all, the prospects for decent takeout are pretty grim. I ate my fair share of junk food in SOMA (where most of the really good lunch places are sit-down restaurants, painfully expensive, or both), but at least I had a nice variety of junk foods to choose from.

The silver lining to this culinary cloud is that I’m much more motivated to pack my own lunch than I used to be. None of the rational arguments for packing a meal — saving money, eating healthier, controlling portion sizes so that I don’t spend all afternoon in a food coma — ever seem to get through to me, but as they say, necessity is the mother of sandwiches. Luckily, I like sandwiches. I’m switching up breads, fillings, and condiments to avoid monotony, and eventually, I may even branch out into non-sandwich foods that travel well and can be prepared by a kitchen tyro like myself. If anyone’s got tips, do let me know.