The credit market is in tatters; the stock market is in freefall; homeowners are being turned out into the street — the economy is a mess. In this atmosphere, confidence in banks, brokers, government, employers, consumers, and local loan sharks is at an historic low. Amidst all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, it’s kind of a rough market for new companies.

There are yet signs of hope, though — signs that brave, foolish people remain willing to invest large sums of money in ridiculous ventures that result in products that no one needs or wants. I may think it’s a terrible idea and a total waste of money, but the fact that Philips is spinning its silly feedback peripheral technology amBX off into a separate company with the help of various venture capitalists tells me that no matter how bad things get, there’s always the promise of irrational exuberance on the horizon.

And hey, if the economy collapses, we’ll be able to come home from a hard day of foraging for berries and fighting through fuel riots to a delightful symphony of synchronized lights and rumble feedback. Won’t that be nice?