Yesterday was my last day at Secret Level, which I believe is now called SEGA San Francisco — although the name change doesn’t actually have anything to do with my leaving. I was feeling a little bad about ditching a job after barely a year, but then I remembered that I wrote about the joys of quitting a long time ago, and shouldn’t feel guilty for taking care of myself.

If nothing else, having a bit of time off after a year of solid crunch will give me a chance to get some long-put-off basics taken care of, like getting a California driver’s license and maybe putting some furniture in my apartment. Not to mention the Pacific Northwest tour I’ll be taking next week to visit people I’ve done a terrible job of keeping up with lately.

This isn’t a full-on, capital-Q Quit for me anyway. I’ll be starting a new job at the end of the month, one that will be a bit of a change from doing AI design on revivals of arcade-style console franchises — that’s a pretty narrow niche to let myself get stuck in, and I’m eager to push myself in a different direction. After the vacation, of course.