Galaga Legions is a mean, mean game. At first glance, it seems really nice, introducing two mechanics that seem like they would make things easier for the player: 1. There are two satellites that can be pointed in any direction and set in place to create a protective turret; 2. Before each wave of enemies flies in, its path is traced on the screen, and there’s even a flashing icon to let you know exactly when the wave is about to appear.

If you think that these mechanics make the game easier, you’re in for some disappointment. Giving the player extra tools and “fair” warning apparently means that the designers are free to make the game as hard as they’d like, and as it turns out, they’d like to make the game pretty darn hard. Waves come in fast and furious, and the screen frequently fills — literally! — with enemies. The game moves too fast for the player to improvise their way through, so learning and planning for waves becomes important, so that you can cut off attacks before they overwhelm you. The result is a game less like the old Galagas, and more like Ikaruga, which, as bait-and-switches go, is all right with me.