Looking at last year’s resolutions, I am pleasantly shocked to discover that I made some pretty serious headway on all but one of them — and really, learning to tie my shoelaces is the one I was least worried about. The big one was trying to figure out how and where I want to live; the “how” is still up in the air, but I’m feeling pretty good about the big leap I made to get to a new “where.”

Since 2007′s resolutions went so well, I’m not going to bother with new ones for 2008. I’m just going to keep working on the unfinished business from the previous set, like: finding a hairstyle that does more for me than keep my bangs out of my eyes; finding excuses to wear neckties (and perhaps branching out into other accessories); getting some more direction in my career path; and that shoelace thing, because seriously, I’m not eight years old.