Phase on the iPod is the perfect rhythm game for someone like me: simple controls, not too many complicating factors, no RSI-inducing controllers, and most importantly, it generates its levels based on songs in your iTunes library. And since it’s made by Harmonix, it has the basic Klax-like interface that we’ve all become familiar with from their other games. It’s like Frequency and Vib Ribbon had a little iPod shaped baby, and that is awesome.

The basics are straightforward: as the dots fall down the screen, tap either the rewind, select, or forward buttons. Sometimes, a curving stream of blue dots will come at you, requiring you to trace their path on the scroll wheel. The game seems to be quite forgiving of not-quite-exact button presses, probably in order to compensate for any sketchiness due to the fact that you’re playing on a scroll wheel instead of a D-pad.

The procedurally-generated levels aren’t perfect by any means: “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” caused the game to freak out and spew an unending stream of eighth notes at me. Other songs, however, were more reasonable, even fun: “Crazy” (the Gnarls Barkley song [although now that I mention it, I should try the Patsy Cline one as well]) is pretty hard, but “16 Military Wives” and T’Pau’s “Heart and Soul” work really well. “Atlas” gives you a real sense of achievement when you finish, but that’s not really a surprise, since just listening to Battles tends to be a challenge in itself.

And playing the Rez soundtrack in Phase may be the next best thing to playing Rez itself.