As long as I’m in the mood to post half-assed audio rather than any real blog posts, I might as well put up some experiments I did a while ago with Nintendo’s not-really-a-game, Electroplankton.

“Hannenbow Dry” and “Hannenbow Wet” are the same thing, but the latter was run through a bunch of simulated pedals in GarageBand to give it a slightly more hard rockin’ flavor. “Marine Snow Dry” is just some noodling. “Electroplankton Test 2″ was an attempt to layer a bunch of different recordings on top of each other; it’s kind of a mess.

Hannenbow Dry (1.4MB, 1:08)

Hannenbow Wet (1.4MB, 1:08)

Marine Snow Dry (2.4MB, 2:00)

Electroplankton Test 2 (2.0MB, 1:42)

Actually, “Hannenbow Wet/Dry” sounds like it should be some kind of drink. I must have some vermouth around here somewhere…