I don’t know — Dead Like Me may be a little too smart for me, interweaving the wacky work lives of a crew of grim reapers as they go about the business of collecting souls with the slow collapse of a family that’s trying to figure out what to do with itself after a loss. Or maybe the show is just unfocused and trying to do too much all at once. It’s tricky, trying to draw the parallels and intersections between a workplace comedy where lonely souls learn to connect and a family drama where all the connections have been broken. It’s so tricky that I’m not even sure the parallels and intersections are there to be drawn, but I guess I have to give the show credit for trying.

Either way, I still fast-forwarded through most of the scenes at the main character’s day job. Office Space-y humor may have been en vogue a few years back when the show was made — I suppose it’s actually still en vogue — but by now, I’m just tired of it.