I finally gave in yesterday and got a big ol’ inflatable mattress to use as a temporary bed until I have the time and cash to go shopping for a proper bedroom set. What rat’s nest of random bedding have I been rolling around in for the past week and a half, that a creaky, saggy vinyl air bed would give me the best night’s sleep I’ve had since I’ve moved?

  1. One self-inflating sleeping pad. It puffs up to a thickness of about 1″ and can be folded up into a handy camping chair. It seems like decadence when you’re out camping, but that’s only because the alternative involves lying in dirt.
  2. One sleeping bag. It’s rated for below-freezing temperatures, but space-age thermal fibers are not renowned for being thick and comfy.
  3. One full-sized quilted mattress pad. I don’t even know why I have it or why I packed it, but it’s better than nothing — not much better, but better.
  4. One queen-sized flat sheet. So.
  5. One twin-sized comforter filler tucked into a queen-sized cover. Bought at last week’s ill-fated trip to Ikea. By the time I got home and realized that I’d bought mismatched sizes, I was too exhausted to do anything about it.
  6. One blanket. It’s a good blanket, but it goes on top of me, and doesn’t do anything to help with the overall non-beddiness of the junk I was sleeping on.