I don’t have a TV in my new apartment yet, but I did finally manage to get my Internet connection hooked up, so I was able to spend the weekend bingeing on some of the fall premieres that I’ve been missing:

  1. Heroes: Hiro still adorkable? Check. Peter still hot? Check. The Bennetts still the most weirdly functional family around? Check. Writing and acting still wildly uneven, and way too much plot to possibly keep up with? Check. Awesome.
  2. Chuck: Speaking of (Captain) Awesome, Chuck’s first couple of episodes were lots of fun, although I fear the premise might wear thin as the season wears on. Still, the cast plays well together, so I’m rooting for it to stay good.
  3. How I Met Your Mother: The show found its stride in a big way last season, and looks like it still makes the best turns in the in the business. And I love that there’s a live countdown to the next slap.
  4. Ugly Betty: It still has a hard time finding the right balance between sudsy comedy and melodrama, but as long as Betty remains adorkable and Marc and Amanda keep stealing scenes, I’ll stick around.
  5. Prison Break: To my considerable surprise, I’ve discovered that most of my investment in this show revolves around Michael and Dr. Sara’s truuuuue looooove. My dismay at discovering that I’m a shipper is matched only by my frustration at Dr. Sara’s absence from the show (due to either Sarah Wayne Callies’ maternity leave or contract disputes, depending on who you ask). I’m not terribly psyched about having another prison that needs breakin’.
  6. Dirty Sexy Money: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland are as excellent as always, and the central mystery has some potential, but I have a hard time mustering much enthusiasm for watching a bunch of cartoonishly spoiled rich folk behave badly.
  7. Kid Nation: For the sakes of the kids involved, I guess I’m glad that this isn’t actually some sort of perverse Lord of the Flies setup. But a bunch of adorable moppets at an overproduced summer camp does not exactly make for the most riveting viewing.
  8. Bionic Woman: Hot chicks with superpowers, and angst to match; in the post-Buffy era, this should be a slam dunk. Instead, it’s a joyless, poorly-written, wasted opportunity. Boo, hiss.